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ABOUT US, Inc. and its affiliates is conveniently located in the Houston and The Woodlands area. Serving clients for over 20 years through the United States; running successful Bookkeeping, Tax preparation, Real Estate Services, Small Business and Non-Profit Consulting Services. Additionally,, Inc. and its affiliates provides multi-services such as Notary, Financial Services, and limited Immigration Services.


We have acquired a franchise with Liberty Tax Services to be able to provide solid Tax Preparation Services.

We have partnered up with Keller Williams The Woodlands & Magnolia for all your Real Estate Needs.

We have teamed up with National Life Insurances Services for reliable Life Insurance Services to protect your family.

We have teamed up with Intuit and third parties to offer you professional services for your Bookkeeping and Payroll needs.

We have partnered with family & immigration attorneys to offer you legal counsel for complex matters.

Everything we do.... we make sure we are connected to the best in the industry.

Our #1 Goal

Our number 1 goal is to provide an excellent customer service experience to all of our clients from the time they make contact with any of our team members (whether it’s in person, by phone or online). In effort to ensure that our clients have the best experience the our team members are expected to:

• Be respectful, courteous and polite to all clients.
• Be respectful, courteous and polite to other fellow employees.
• Always maintain a strong work ethic; excellence, efficiency and integrity.
• Always provide coffee, water and snacks (while they wait in the office)
• Always return calls within 24 hours of receiving a message.
• Always find the answer with our reliable business partners and or government agencies.
• Always go the extra mile for making a client have the best service experience possible.

It's not only our goal, it's our promise!

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